Hagelin Earns NHL All-Star Invite

Carl Hagelin’s rise to NHL impact guy status continues, with the news today that he has been added to the roster of rookie All-Stars for the upcoming NHL All-Star weekend.

Hagelin is pushing the top 10 in the NHL in rookie scoring, despite having played in only 29 of the Rangers’ 47 games, with 8-8-16.  And his plus/minus of +13 is tied for the league lead among first-year players.  Certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see him tabbed for the Fastest Skater event in Saturday’s skills competition.  He was easily the swiftest skater I have seen in the AHL this year.

And old friend Tim Kennedy has been traded again.  The Florida Panthers swapped the former Whale forward today to San Jose in exchange for defenseman Sean Sullivan.  Sullivan was playing in Worcester and Kennedy was in San Antonio, so it is likely that the Whale will be butting heads with Kennedy as a Shark later on this season.

The Rangers dealt Kennedy to Florida at the trade deadline last winter in the deal that brought Bryan McCabe to Broadway.  Kennedy had 12-30-42 in 53 games with the Whale last year and was tied for second on the team in points at the time of the trade to the Panthers.


6 Responses to “Hagelin Earns NHL All-Star Invite”

  1. Chris Says:

    Howd you get the nickname hawk

    • Crawford's Corner Says:


      I tell people it’s because of my hawk-like vision and predatory instincts, but it’s really because of my somewhat, ahem, prominent, beak. That and the fact that my first job was with the Red Wings’ Adirondack affiliate in Glens Falls, and I had grown up in Chicago as a Blackhawk fan.

  2. chris Says:

    chad was good. but what the h-2hockey sticks is wrong with our team man 10 losses in a row and 8 road losses in a row. and how many home wins do we have inbetween that. not many. im trully supprised that we have been able to maintain 1st as long as we have.

  3. chris Says:

    what is wrong with this team. the longer this loosing streek goes on the harder it is to stay positive. go whale i guess?

  4. chris Says:

    bob the season may go till mid march but if we dont start winning in febuary i think will be in a situation where a playoff spot will be almost impossible or at the very least extreamly hard.

  5. chris Says:

    did i say goes to mid march i ment mid april

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