W, W, W, dot, Well, that’s Better

Holy additional W’s…

Wojtek Wolski, Jeff WoyWitka, Casey Wellman…and two wins, after the Whale went 0 for January.

Who knows how long Wolski and Woywitka will be with the Whale.  They’re only on two-week conditioning stints for right now.  But Wellman was acquired in a trade, and after the Whale had taken a number of roster hits over the past few months that aren’t likely to be reversed (see: Hagelin, Carl, Mitchell, John, Bickel, Stu, etc.), that transaction was a net gain for the Connecticut club.  It cost the Rangers Erik Christensen, but the chances of him returning to the Whale were slim, and he wasn’t a big part of the Ranger rotation either, having been a healthy scratch for the last 13 games he was on the big club’s roster.

As far as Wellman goes, he’s a guy that I don’t know much about, but he had spent quite a bit of quality time in the NHL this year, playing 14 games with the Wild, and was a point-per-game guy in the AHL with Houston, with 14 goals and 26 points in 26 games.  He also helped the Aeros to the Calder Cup Finals last year, where they ultimately fell in six games to the Binghamton Senators.

Casey Wellman with Houston

It’s interesting that the Wild would trade him, after they had to offer him some pretty good money to outbid the other teams interested when the undrafted Wellman left U. Mass.-Amherst after two good years.  You look at the Wild’s current roster situation though, and you can see how they would think Christensen could be a pretty good fit as a third-line center.  And according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, it was mostly a case of the Wild feeling that they had other prospects coming along the pipeline that were a little bit more excited about than they still were about Wellman.  Maybe a real good break for the Whale and the Rangers.

Either way, so far, so good for Wellman with the Whale, as he skated tonight in Hershey on a line with Jonathan Audy-Marchessault and Andre Deveaux, and that line scored a key second-period goal on a great three-way passing play.  Baseball fans will be interested to know that Wellman’s dad is former major league infielder Brad Wellman, and I’m eager to talk to Casey about how a kid who was born in California while his dad was playing major league ball ends up becoming a hockey player.


3 Responses to “W, W, W, dot, Well, that’s Better”

  1. chris Says:

    gota keep winnin bob

  2. chris Says:

    hey bob you know the ct hockey hall of fame. why isint there any sound tiger alumy on that list. they are a ct team as well. and they paly at the same level as the whale/pack who they are included this year with ken g. there is even a women who played in the olympics on that list. but no sound tiger. if you ask me if they dont get included within the next cupple of years the name ct hockey hall of fame should be changed slightly.

  3. ch Says:

    whale win again. still not a good time to feel comfortable about a play off spot. but man you gota feel better bout the whale now

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