Upon Further Review…

Interesting ending to Sunday’s game in Bridgeport.

As the Sound Tigers celebrated David Ullstrom’s overtime game-winning goal, an announcement came over that, “the play is under review”.

I had never heard that at an AHL game, and did not know that there was any sort of a provision for video replay anywhere in the AHL.

Well, turns out I hadn’t slipped into the twilight zone.  The AHL is testing a video review system at Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard, with the technology being supplied by the league’s video web-streaming partner, Neulion.

The great Jason Chaimovitch, AHL VP of Communications, was nice enough to run down the particulars for me, after I pleaded ingnorance of the whole deal.

The gist of it is that the referee has the sole discretion on when to use the system to review a disputed goal.  The system resides in the timekeeper’s area between the penalty boxes, and the referee will conduct the review and render the final decision.  There is no replay official or any outside source that is consulted.

I guess the reason for Sunday’s review was to ensure that the puck had actually gone into the net and not off the crossbar, although from my vantage point it appeared clearly to be a goal.  And it took the system a while to get working, which resulted in a somewhat lengthy delay, but that’s all part of the testing process.

It will be interested to see what happens with the review concept if it is judged to be a success in Bridgeport.  It would seem to be fairly easy to implement a replay-review protocol in some of the newer, bigger arenas in the league, but it could be a challenge in some of the smaller, less state-of-the-art venues.


4 Responses to “Upon Further Review…”

  1. chirs Says:

    another game day a bob my man

  2. chirs Says:

    good win tonight. were still not in though and we need to keep winning. my guess is around 40w is what we need to get in. for now i hope the boys just focous on 26

  3. chirs Says:

    so i was just wondering. why is a high stick call sometimes a penelty and sometimes not.

    • Crawford's Corner Says:

      Chris, there are two different high-sticking calls. One is for making contact with an opponent with a high stick, and that is always a penalty. The other is for making contact with the puck with a stick above crossbar level, and that is not a penalty, just a stoppage of play and a faceoff.

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