From Deep in the Miscellaneous Stats File

Here’s a really meaningless number to start your holiday-shortened week…

The Whale were tied coming out of the first period in Sunday’s loss to Providence, and that’s usually a guaranteed win situation for them.  Even with that loss, they’ve dropped only four in regulation all year when tied coming out of the first (16-4-2-0 in 22 games).  They are a combined 10-13-3-5 when leading or trailing after one.

How’s that for a statistical oddity?


2 Responses to “From Deep in the Miscellaneous Stats File”

  1. Erik Nodland Says:

    I think you should look at Whale-stats WITH and WITHOUT Mats Zuccarello this season. The numbers are quite remarkable. Can’t see why most “experts” undervaluate his enormous influence on the team

    • Crawford's Corner Says:

      Erik, including today’s game, which Zuccarello missed while on recall to New York, the Whale are 9-8-2-5 (.521), in 24 without him. In the 37 games he has played, the team is 22-12-3-0, a .635 winning percentage. You’re right, quite a difference!

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