Taken for Grant-ed

Tommy Grant about to bury the first of his two goals in Sunday's 5-4 shootout win over Portland

OK, raise your hand if you saw Tommy Grant having a four-point game for the Whale this year.

Hmm, not many hands up, but to be fair, I don’t know if Grant himself would raise a paw in response to that one.

But there he was on Sunday against Portland, scoring two goals and setting up another in the second period alone, and then putting the shot on net that created the rebound that Jon Audy-Marchessault buried for the tying goal with only 2:05 left in regulation.

Grant has been a reasonably serviceable guy for the Whale all season, showing noticeably good foot speed for a 6-2, 195-pounder and making

some impact by banging bodies on the forecheck, but until the last month, had not shown much of an offensive touch.  Starting with a two-goal game in Hershey February 4, though, he has been an ever-increasing presence on the scoresheet, and with his four-pointer Sunday, now has eight points (four goals, four assists) in the last eight games, 12 points (5-7-12) in the last 13 and going back to that early-February win in Chocolatetown, seven goals and 14 points in 19 games, after he managed only eight points in his first 43.

In addition to those good feet, Grant is bringing a quick and accurate shot to the table, which is interesting because he never was a big goal-scorer in college, his high having been 16 in 37 games with Alaska-Anchorage last year.  He seems to me to be reading the game a lot better as well, in terms of getting into spots where the puck can find him and he can get it at the net.  The timing couldn’t have been better for the Whale either, what with Mats Zuccarello showing no signs of a quick return from New York and Chad Kolarik not eligible to play.


One Response to “Taken for Grant-ed”

  1. chris Says:

    ok im gona make a prediction. if the whale stay in the playoff race and qualify they will need around 39-41 wins. and there qualifing game will eaither be april 6th 7th 8th or 11th. yep thats my predicion. but you never know it could be a littler sooner it may be one of the 2 games after. will see.

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