OT Heartbreak

The Whale have had pretty good luck in shootouts as of late, but overtime has been a different story.

Twice in the last two Sundays, the Whale have seen an opponent score a game-winning goal with less than three seconds remaining in the extra session.

Yesterday against Providence it was Carter Camper victimizing the Whale with 2.1 seconds left, after Bridgeport’s Matt Donovan scored with exactly two seconds on the clock to beat the Whale last Sunday in Bridgeport.

Prior to these two games, only three other times in franchise history had the club lost as late as the 4:58 mark of OT.

Don’t know if it was a matter of the team having a letdown with the games seemingly headed to shootouts.  Donovan’s goal was on a power play, so it’s hard to say the Whale could have let down on that one, but on Camper’s goal, the four guys out on the ice for the Whale did seem to give the Bruins a little bit too much room.  It was a fairly innocent-looking shot, a long heave from the right point by defenseman Kevan Miller, that led to the winning play, and nothing seemed seriously amiss until the rebound got away from Cam Talbot and out into the slot.  Once that happened, though, it was curtains.

You can’t assume that the Whale would have won those games in shootouts, so you really can’t consider those lost points, but you certainly hope that the team, having been so close to possible victory in those games, doesn’t end up looking back at them as ones that, if they had won them, would have either put them into the playoffs or gotten them home ice in the first round.

As it is, the Whale’s “magic number” for clinching a playoff berth is down to six, with six games still to play, so it’s not like failing to win those two OT games has put them on the brink of elimination or anything.  Any combination of six points won by the Whale or lost by Portland nails down a spot for the Whale, and the Pirates are headed up to Newfoundland this week for a pair of games against the first-place St. John’s IceCaps this Tuesday and Wednesday.


One Response to “OT Heartbreak”

  1. chris Says:

    gota win a cupple wins down the strech here. just 2 or 3 more and i think we be in. but if we dont start winning 9th place portland can still catch us.

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