Funny how the Rangers, who for a long time were criticized for always going after stars, glitz and glitter, are now being portrayed as a boring, defensive outfit that seeks to suck the life out of the game.

And if there’s a better sportswriter out there than Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Farber, I have yet to find him or her.  Happily for us hockey people, Farber’s specialty is ice and pucks, and he has a great piece on Ranger coach John Tortorella on  Also, check out this story on by Dave Lozo on Artem Anisimov.  It includes some interesting references to his Wolf Pack days.

Curious quote, too, from Chris Kreider regarding his Hockey East days in Boston.  Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record wrote in his “Ranger Rants” blog, “I asked him (Kreider) whether he was recognized much in Boston and he joked not at all. Most people there, he said, know Boston University has a hockey team but Boston College flies under the radar for the most part.”

Maybe Kreider was being facetious, but considering that B.C. has won two of the last three NCAA hockey titles, and three of the last five, I find that somewhat hard to believe.


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