One Positive NHL Labor Take

Came across some interesting tweets from Doug MacLean, the former Columbus Blue Jackets general manager and current hockey analyst for Canada’s SportsNet, about the NHL labor situation.

For those who get an intense headache at the mere mention of CBA negotiations, and I am rapidly becoming a member of that segment, and have not heard the latest, a scheduled meeting Wednesday between the full negotiating teams from both sides was basically scrapped in favor of a small session among the key leaders from both sides.  The two sides then met for about an hour Thursday morning, and reported no discernible progress.

These developments led to widespread pessimism throughout the hockey media world, with the assumption being that a lockout was now inevitable, with the owners and the Players Association failing to get any closer together and the scheduled start of training camps less than a month away.

The lone voice seeing any sort of a bright side, at least that I could find, was MacLean.  After Wednesday’s twist, he tweeted the following, “That’s a positive…cancelling a meeting…Gary (NHL Commissioner Bettman) and Donnie (NHLPA chief Donald Fehr) getting serious…Good news for hockey fans….”  A short time later, he added in another tweet, “For all you negative people!!!!  I’m serious.  It’s good that they are cancelling meeting.  The BS is almost over.”

This piqued my interest, partly because I know Doug, having worked for him in the Red Wing organization when he was Detroit’s assistant GM, and he is a no-BS guy who is not prone to misty-eyed outbursts of positivism.  Also, although he is no longer on the inside of the highest levels of hockey management, he was for a long time, heading up the Blue Jackets for seven seasons after a long tenure assisting Bryan Murray in Detroit.  He knows Bettman well and he is familiar with how these kinds of things get done, so I’m personally hoping that he can see something happening that the rest of us cannot, and that the situation is not as negative as it seems.


One Response to “One Positive NHL Labor Take”

  1. chris Says:

    well nhl lock out or not. the whale will still be in business

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