Gernander Back in CT

Saw Kenny Gernander today for the first time since his return to town, and the Whale head coach reported that summer at Shallow Lake, his offseason hideaway on Minnesota’s Iron Range, was idyllic.  He had the dark tan to prove it too.

Under ordinary circumstances, Gernander and his staff would be on the cusp of departing for the opening of business, which would be the pre-training camp NHL rookie tournament in Traverse City, Michigan.  This is hardly a normal year, however, and the NHL labor situation has already prompted the cancellation of the Traverse City tournament and imperils the start of NHL training camps, which would follow immediately on the heels of Traverse City.

More negotiations are scheduled for Tuesday, but positive indications have been almost nonexistent.  And the official date on which the current CBA expires is September 15, right around the time training camps are supposed to open, after which there would be a lockout if no agreement has been reached.

So the Whale coaches know they aren’t going to Michigan, and aren’t sure whether they will be taking the ice for the scheduled start of Ranger camp or will be holding off until closer to the end of the month for an AHL-only camp.

One thing seems certain, and that is that the AHL will play as scheduled whether or not the NHL is locked out.  League president Dave Andrews reiterated that in an interview Friday on “Hockey Today”, an NHL Home Ice Sirius 207 Xm 92 hockey talk show.  To hear the entire interview, in which Andrews discusses a wide range of topics, click here.


5 Responses to “Gernander Back in CT”

  1. Peter Hindle Says:

    Well at least places like Hartford will still have hockey to offer. Hope the lockout is not long but it appears eminent, regardless. Which is unfortunate.

  2. Mike LeMay Jr. Says:

    This would be a good opportunity for Hartford to show what it has to offer as a market…. If the NHL locks out that is…

  3. Rachel Conlin McLeod Says:

    While the loss of the Traverse City tournament and NHL prospect camps and so on are a setback for player development and guaging roster depth and getting players in game-ready shape, I don’t doubt for one minute that Gernander and Co. will be prepared to put together a rough and rugged team this year. I suspect he and Beukeboom and Boller will find plenty of ways to put players through their paces and as pre-season becomes regular season, he will make every workout and practice count. The real question might be wether or not we see some movement of players from the NHL into AHL veteran status spots. As AHL rosters limit the number of veterans that can play, you have to wonder what affect the lockout might have on some NHL rookies or 2nd year players seeking icetime on the AHL level. Could we see a return of Hagelin or Zuccarello for example?

    • Crawford's Corner Says:


      Zuccarello has signed to play in Russia’s KHL, but young NHLers on entry-level contracts, like Hagelin, certainly might see playing time in the AHL in the event of a lockout, if the patterns of the 2004-05 lockout season repeat themselves.

  4. chris Says:

    normally prospect start out at the nhl traning camp and go the ahl or elsewhere depending on age current team skill level readynes ect ect. but with the possibility of a lock out will that make it harder deciding who will b at there at the start of the whale’s pre season.

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