The Waiver Wire had a list today of players put on waivers by NHL clubs Wednesday at noon, for the purposes of having them eligible to play in the AHL during a possible lockout.  There were eight Ranger-contracted players on the list:

Mike Vernace

Sean Collins

Tommy Grant

Micheal Haley

Chad Kolarik

Kris Newbury

Logan Pyett

Brandon Segal

Mike Vernace

Assuming these players clear waivers, they could be assigned to the Whale in the event the NHL is locked out.  The official expiration date of the current NHL collective bargaining agreement is this Saturday.This appears to be the entirety of the waiver-eligible group that would have been ticketed for the Whale, and it would seem that the likelihood of any other teams claiming any of these guys would be fairly remote.  You never know, but every one of the players, except for Kolarik and Grant, was an unrestricted free agent before signing with the Rangers this summer.  So if any other teams had designs on them, they could have signed them a couple of months ago, and Kolarik was hurt all year.


On another lockout-related player eligibility issue, the New York Post’s Larry Brooks tweeted today that Chris Kreider will be the only one of the Rangers on entry level contracts who might be assigned to the Whale if there is a lockout.  According to Brooks, the other Ranger entry level-contracted guys, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin and Ryan McDonagh, would all require waivers to be assigned to the NHL, I’m assuming because of the number of NHL games they have all played.  Truly, as nice as it would be to keep them playing, there is no way the organization would risk losing players like that on waivers for the sake of having them ride out a lockout in the AHL.


2 Responses to “The Waiver Wire”

  1. chris Says:

    i greatly thank the ahl for not being the nhl. another non lock out season and curently the best league in the world unless some other pro league in another country is higher without my knowledge.

  2. chris Says:

    bob there is something about a freshly made ice rink that hasn’t been skated on that doesn’t look like real ice. if i didn’t know better i would probably think it was a roller rink.

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