Talbot Temporarily Hobbled, but Still Excited

Caught up with Cam Talbot today, as he worked with Whale athletic trainer Damien Hess in the team locker room at the XL Center.  Talbot is among a fairly large group of Whale players who are already in Hartford, preparing to head out for Sunday’s start of Whale training camp at the Rangers’ MSG Training Center practice facility in Tarrytown, NY.  That crew includes Kris Newbury and Logan Pyett, who have been around for a while, as well as the likes of Jason Missiaen, Blake Parlett, Tommy Grant, Andrew Yogan, Kelsey Tessier and possibly a few others I have not seen yet.

Unfortunately, Talbot can only toil in the trainer’s room right now, as he injured a foot in mid-August during a gym workout.  He and I chatted about that and more, and you can read my write-up on ctwhale.com here.

Really tough break for Talbot, coming off the great run he had at the end of last season and into the playoffs.  I looked it up, from March 30 through the Whale’s last playoff game, no AHL goaltender who played more than 500 minutes had better stats than Talbot’s 1.68 goals-against average, and 94.7% save percentage, over that span.

Luckily, it sounds like the mishap shouldn’t sideline the Whale’s putative number-one backstop for any significant portion of the season.  In fact, he’s talking like he might be ready by the opener, if everything goes perfectly.

In addition to the injury and last season’s excellent finish, I asked Talbot about whether he thinks the absence of NHL hockey, should the NHL lockout not be settled soon, will make this AHL season feel any different.

“I hope it (the lockout) gets settled sooner rather than later, for everyone’s sake,” he said, “but I hope it feels a little bit different in the arena, hope we get a lot more fans, it’s a little bit louder in here.

“We’ve got some great fans here.  I’m hoping to give all the fans a good show and maybe get seen a little bit more because there’s no NHL action going on.  So maybe there will be a few more people in the building and guys will get recognized a little bit more in the AHL.

“With the guys that are getting sent down, we’re getting (Chris) Kreider and Oklahoma City is going to have a good team, with (Jordan) Eberle and (Ryan) Nugent-Hopkins, you see some of the top guys in the NHL getting sent down, and I think it’s going to be some great-caliber hockey down here in the AHL, at least until the lockout finishes.”


3 Responses to “Talbot Temporarily Hobbled, but Still Excited”

  1. chris Says:

    we are very close now

  2. chris Says:

    so ken got voted into the ahl hall of fame. say congrats for me bob. and if radio anouncers could get in you would have my vote. but ive never hered of radio anouncers getting voted in so i dont think thats a strong possibility

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