Thoughts from North of the (Mass.) Border

A couple of interesting quotes from the Springfield side of Sunday’s 10-2 throttling of the Whale at the XL Center…

Jon Audy-Marchessault, the former Whale who had a goal and an assist and was +4 Sunday, said to Nate Owen of the Springfield Republican about coming back into his old building, “You’ve got to be ready for any game.  For sure, it was special to come back to the XL Center for the first time, but we face them 12 times a year, so I’ve got to get used to that.”

Jon Audy-Marchessault, sporting his new Springfield colors, doesn’t want to get too overly excited about playing his old team.

The Whale had better hope he gets used to it.  Audy-Marchessault seemed especially charged up to go against Connecticut, and he played as well as any game he played last year.  His line, with Ryan Johansen at center and Tomas Kubalik on the other wing, thoroughly dominated most of their shifts, and Audy-Marchessault looked every bit like he had something to prove, even though it wasn’t like the Whale/Rangers cut him loose or anything like that.  If he is that excited every time he plays the Whale, it’s going to be a long season series.

Also, Falcon head coach Brad Larsen, who has Springfield off to a great start in his first stint as a head man, sounded like he would have enjoyed a 3-2 game a lot more than the 10-2 verdict.  Of blowout wins, Larsen said to Owen, “They’re not fun to play.  Even when you’ve got the lead, you’re just trying to get out without any injuries.”

I never thought about it before, but those games probably aren’t great even for the winning coach.  Especially in a situation like Sunday, when it’s the first game between two teams that are going to play 12 times during the year, as a coach you’re probably concerned about it not looking like you’re running up the score, while having still to take care of your big offensive guys who need to get their points.  Still better than being on the losing end, but not a walk in the park either.


Lundqvist Idling

Was amazed to read today in Larry Brooks’ article in the New York Post that Henrik Lundqvist has been prevented from playing for his old club in Sweden, Vastra Frolunda, by a regulation that prohibits Swedish Elite League teams from entering into agreements with locked-out NHL players that include escape clauses.

While I understand that the SEL doesn’t want its teams to be way stations for NHL guys to wait out the lockout, man, that’s really sticking to your guns, when you won’t let a guy the caliber of Lundqvist into your league.  That’s getting pretty close to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Lundqvist told Brooks, “The longer I have to wait, obviously the more I want to join my brother [Joel] on Frolunda, but right now I’m sitting tight.  I really hope we can find a solution with the NHL now. I’m so disappointed it has gone this far.”

Brooks also reported on Twitter today that Carl Hagelin suffered a shoulder injury playing in Sweden and has returned to the U.S. to get treatment.  Hagelin was skating in the Swedish Allsvenskan, a lower level than the SEL, which is why he was able to play and Lundqvist was not.


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