Haley Moves up the Depth Chart

Micheal Haley played 14 shifts, in the Rangers’ 3-1 loss at Buffalo Tuesday night, almost double his previous high since being called up from the Whale last Monday.  Haley’s ice time totaled 10:06, and he even got out there for the tail end of a power play in the third period.

Micheal Haley (newyorkrangers.com)

Micheal Haley (newyorkrangers.com)

It sounds like that promotion was motivated largely by Ranger coach John Tortorella’s irritation with his top-line players, as Haley was inserted into Marian Gaborik’s spot on a line with Derek Stepan and Ryan Callahan, but still, good for Haley, who has seemingly been a nice fit for the Rangers as a spot-shifting banger and crasher.

Haley was realistic about the situation after the game, telling the media, “Obviously when you get some ice, you want to make the best of it, but I don’t think that I’m gonna be a first-line player in the NHL, ya know?  I’m going to do – whatever opportunities are given, whatever is asked of me – I’m going to do it to the best of my ability.”

It’s now been five games with the Rangers for Haley, whose two-year deal with the Blueshirts becomes a one-way next season.  Word is that Arron Asham is making progress in returning from his back injury, and you might figure that the Rangers wouldn’t need both him and Haley around, but even with Asham they would have only 13 healthy forwards.  So it wouldn’t be a total stunner if they decided to hang on to Haley, even just to have some extra grit available against some of the more physical teams they face.


6 Responses to “Haley Moves up the Depth Chart”

  1. chris Says:

    new nhl alignment for next season. two 7s and two 8s. how would that change the playoff format 4 teams per confrence unless a 5th seed in the 8 has more points then a 4th seed in the 7? or is it something else

  2. chris Says:

    oh got it. so in the conference could have 3 teams from one league and 5 from the other. or it could be 4 even. but the league that could get 5 teams qualifying could be either league the big one or small.

    • chris Says:

      Hockey least quater final game at bc. Center ice for only 10$. I know its college And somehow that still sounds like a steal

  3. chris Says:

    we got some help yestderday and today from some teams. but we now have a 3 point separation from us in 8th and the teams below us. not enough to relax yet but i like the seperation

  4. chris Says:

    i keep hoping when we win and other teams behind us lose that the number of points we need would drop by more then 2. but i keep checkeing and l8ly that has not happend

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