Newbury is Back

Kris Newbury was gone from the Whale for a little over a week, and he fared pretty well with the Rangers.

Action Shot for Blog - 04-01-13

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Whale’s leading scorer averaged about eight minutes of ice time in the four games he played while on recall, including a high of 8:55 in his first game, the Rangers’ 3-2 shootout loss at home to Washington last Sunday, in which Newbury had an assist.  He was either a plus or even in all four of the games and was not on the ice for any goals-against.  Newbury also maintained his place in the lineup Saturday in Montreal in the first game Mats Zuccarello played, as Darroll Powe sat out as a healthy scratch.

The Rangers did not do well as a team in those games, though, winning only one of the four, and Newbury was returned to the Whale on Saturday.

Connecticut played four games without its top point-producer and managed two wins, but the Whale power play clearly missed Newbury.  He’s the guy who possesses the puck the most on the PP, and distributes from the half-wall, and without him the man-advantage unit went 1/16 and really struggled in Saturday’s 2-1 loss in Springfield, which I thought looked like a winnable game.

So Newbury is back, and it sure looks like Marek Hrivik is getting close to playing, as he went full out in all of last week’s practices.  Putting both of those guys back in the lineup would necessitate a difficult choice in deciding whom to take out, but being able to plug Hrivik back in just as the games are the most critical (similar to when he first joined the team last season), you would think would be a big shot in the arm.


2 Responses to “Newbury is Back”

  1. chris Says:

    newbs is back thats a good thing. i like where we are right now but we are still not in a gaurented playoffs spot. getting back newbury still doesn’t gaurentee anything but hes a good player it should help

  2. chirs Says:

    bob how did the fundraiser miracle go last night. it looked like a good size crowd for the ahl that is a little over 6k.

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