Grumet-Morris Back, McIlrath Returns to Full Practice

Dov Grumet-Morris was back in the fold at the Wolf Pack’s practice today, but still had to hold off passing out any cigars.

The second Grumet-Morris baby has apparently still refused to make its appearance, with Grumet-Morris’ wife Rachel now a week-and-a-half past her due date.  Dov had rushed back to San Antonio on Saturday when the birth appeared imminent, his second trip in the span of a week, but things did not progress to the point of delivery, and today he was back on the job.  It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong, thankfully, but Mother Nature is not cooperating with the hockey schedule.

Dov Grumet-Morris

Dov Grumet-Morris

With Grumet-Morris back in town and David LeNeveu newly added to the Wolf Pack roster, Jason Missiaen was reassigned to Greenville.  Interestingly, both Grumet-Morris and LeNeveu are on AHL contracts, so if the Rangers were to need a goaltender, they would have to dip down into the ECHL and recall either Missiaen or Scott Stajcer, who was moved yesterday to the Florida Everblades.  That is, of course, unless they were to sign either Grumet-Morris or LeNeveu to an NHL deal.  According to, the Rangers currently have at least one NHL contract slot to offer of the 50 each team is permitted to carry at one time.

Here’s hoping Missiaen can find his game in the ECHL.  He’s a real hard worker and a real nice kid, and proved last year that at his best he’s a real good AHL goaltender, but right now he seems to be in one of those funks where the puck just won’t hit him, and the harder he tries, the worse it seems to get.  Tough to watch a good guy struggle, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Missiaen can turn it around soon.

He and Stacjer will have to keep their phones handy too, in case Grumet-Morris gets called away again in the next couple of days to head to the delivery room.

Also notable today was that Dylan McIlrath returned to full practice.  The big D-man has been out since suffering a lower-body injury in the Pack’s last game before Christmas, December 21 against Springfield, and has been progressing nicely.  Haven’t heard it said yet that McIlrath is definitely returning to action this weekend, but it’s certainly looking like he has a good chance to do that.

Michael Kantor is also looking like he is ready to play, after sitting out the last two games.  Kantor was hurt for four games, and then got banged up again in his first game back, Friday in Worcester.  Brendon Nash, meanwhile, has started skating after practice, and Shawn O’Donnell is still off skates for now.


2 Responses to “Grumet-Morris Back, McIlrath Returns to Full Practice”

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    […] 1/15/14: 5:34PM: McIlrath returned to full practice today for the Wolf Pack. It’s not definite that McIlrath will play this week bu things are pointing in that direction. (Crawford) […]

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    […] I wondered aloud in this space, when LeNeveu was signed last week and Jason Missiaen was dispatched to the ECHL, what the Rangers would do if they suddenly found themselves short a goalie.  LeNeveu signed an AHL contract with the Wolf Pack, and Hartford stablemate Dov Grumet-Morris is also on an AHL deal, so in order to recall a goaltender, the Rangers would either have to sign one of those two veterans to an NHL ticket or bring either Missiaen or Scott Stajcer all the way up to the Big Show from the ECHL. […]

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