LeNeveu Lands Ranger Deal

From not having a job in late November to the NHL before the end of January…not a bad rebound by David LeNeveu.

So much of life is being in the right place at the right time, and, after being squeezed out of the goaltending market coming into this season, LeNeveu had his luck totally change this morning.  Henrik Lundqvist took sick and was deemed unable to dress for tonight’s New York Ranger home game against the Islanders, and that left the parent club in search of a backup goaltender.LeNeveu Action Shot

I wondered aloud in this space, when LeNeveu was signed last week and Jason Missiaen was dispatched to the ECHL, what the Rangers would do if they suddenly found themselves short a goalie.  LeNeveu signed an AHL contract with the Wolf Pack, and Hartford stablemate Dov Grumet-Morris is also on an AHL deal, so in order to recall a goaltender, the Rangers would either have to sign one of those two veterans to an NHL ticket or bring either Missiaen or Scott Stajcer all the way up to the Big Show from the ECHL.

Suddenly facing that exact situation, the parent club decided that using one of the three NHL contract slots they still had available on LeNeveu was the better option.  So not only did LeNeveu find himself an AHL gig to elevate him from the ECHL job he had scored in South Carolina, a week later an NHL deal falls into his lap.

What a great example of persistence paying off.  No one at all would have blamed the Cornell-educated LeNeveu if, at age 30 and after 10 full pro seasons, he had decided to pack it in when he found himself without a place to play at the beginning of the season.  He kept after it, though, took an ECHL job across the continent from his British Columbia home and his young family, and signed two PTOs with Providence before the Wolf Pack opportunity came up.

Now he has an NHL contract for the rest of the year and, at least for now, a position on the organizational depth chart as the Rangers’ third goalie.  Good story, and hopefully the source of some good karma for a Wolf Pack team that desperately needs some positive things to happen.


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