Wolf Pack Lose a Great Friend

The Wolf Pack organization lost a gentleman who could only be termed a member of the family, and the community a tireless force for good, Monday, when Ken Gwozdz passed away, after an extended battle with cancer.

A retired teacher and coach, Ken was a board member of the Wolf Pack Community Foundation and one of the founders of that entity.  In addition to his work with the foundation, Ken “preached the Wolf Pack gospel” everywhere he went, as he threw himself into all of his many community activities.  Ken and his wife Dana had no children, but he treated every kid that he met like his own son or daughter, particularly those who faced difficult challenges in their lives.

A pretty fair athlete in his day, as a basketball and baseball player at University of Hartford, Ken used the energy that made him successful on the playing field to help improve the lives of countless youngsters, and to make life around the Wolf Pack offices considerably more lively and entertaining.  Few were the days when Ken wouldn’t stop by, sometimes to pick up Wolf Pack tickets, which he would spread around to the many youth groups he worked with, but more often just to say hello, tell a self-deprecating joke, reassure the coaches and players what a great job he thought they were doing…generally reminding you of why life is precious, and that every day of being able to do something that you like doing is a gift.

Ken’s infectious enthusiasm and life-affirming humor will be impossible to replace, but I know I personally will carry with me eternal fond memories of the good vibes that Ken shared everywhere he went.

A great role model and inspiration, and most of all, a true friend.

Rest in peace, big guy, we’ll miss you always.


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